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We help software developers achieve scale

We work with developers who are building blockchain and digital currency products or platforms. Whether you're already established in the market or raising capital in traditional or non-traditional ways, Silvergate can help you achieve scale.

We're grateful for Silvergate's steadfast support for The Zcash Company and many other companies in the cryptocurrency space. They've been a professional and reliable partner for many years.

— Zooko Wilcox, Founder and CEO, Electric Coin Company

Zooko Wilcox

Banking for Developers

As a bank, we understand the importance of maintaining compliance with regulations. Our API-driven platform and personalized services enable you to spend more time coding and less time managing your banking relationship.

Treasury Management

Safely store and manage
all your deposits

Banking APIs

Greater speed and automation for managing your accounts

Robust Online Banking

Quick and easy transfers, both domestic and international

Private Client

Personalized service tailored to your specific needs

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As a software developer, what are the requirements for banking with Silvergate?

Most of the software developers we bank are in the middle of raising capital. We want to understand whether these efforts are in the form of a private placement, regulated offering, or token sale. Our requirements and the due diligence we perform depend on the type of offering you are performing and the jurisdiction. Additionally, we like to understand the service providers that are helping with your fundraising efforts and the legal counsel that is being used.

Does Silvergate offer debit cards for our executives and employees?

Yes, we do. They are valid everywhere Visa is accepted.

Does Silvergate provide custody solutions for digital currencies or other digital assets?

We get this request frequently. Our team is exploring this product offering but we don’t have a custody solution for digital assets right now.

What types of cash management services does Silvergate offer?

We offer both wire and ACH services to clients based on several factors. Cash management services can be complex, especially for digital currency and broader fintech use cases. Our client service experts will explain how these services work and which firms are eligible for participation. Upon approval, we work closely with your technical and finance teams to ensure that implementation is efficient and timely.


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