Chris Flynn
Great service. Great people. I would not be in business today if not for the care, products, and dedication that Silvergate Bank provides!
Greg Voisen
Working with Slivergate Bank is like dealing with a friend. You are treated like a VIP no matter what your status. I sincerely appreciate the special treatment and care that Silvergate employees give their clients, and I trust my business banker for the great advice she provides.
Brett Musgrove
After becoming dissatisfied with our prior banking relationship we decided to seek out other banking options. Based on a referral from a long-term Silvergate Bank client we included Silvergate among the banks considered and this proved to be a good referral. Since moving to Silvergate Bank, we have increased our borrowing capacity almost four fold and have developed a strong relationship. For the first time since founding my company in 1994 I feel like I have a partner in my banking relationship.
Greg Voisen
Working with Silvergate Bank is like dealing with a friend. You are treated like a VIP no matter what your status. I sincerely appreciate the special treatment and care that Silvergate employees give their clients, and I trust my business banker for the great advice she provides.
Don McKenna
Ours is an unusual small business; we do contract design and manufacturing for aerospace and defense contractors. My business partner and I struggled to find a bank that could understand what we do. Ted Hildreth and Edwin Lui took the time to learn the ins and outs of our role in the aerospace supply chain and the accounting peculiarities of what that means. Along with the fantastic support provided by the rest of the Silvergate team, they've helped our business flourish with a banking strategy suited to our unique situation. We are deeply grateful.
We decided to work with Silvergate for our financing and banking solution because of their culture around building and fostering relationships, along with providing unique solutions to our financing requests for our specific situation. So many banks just see black and white and can’t read between the lines, but Silvergate was able to put together a program for us that fit perfectly for our needs. Our experience has been nothing short of exceptional and we look forward to many future mutually prosperous years together.
Chris Flynn
Great service. Great people. I would not be in business today if not for the care, products, and dedication that Silvergate Bank provides!
Ross Markowitz
As a small business owner, I have done all my banking with a large national bank for 30 years. Recently, I have sensed that the personal services were lost by the bank, nor have I felt that I was a “valued customer” any longer. In addition, multiple errors were discovered in our banking statements, multiple fees were incurred from the bank for lack of high balances in our accounts at all times and they have made significant changes in their business plan that have affected us negatively. After a long search of regional banks in San Diego, we were so impressed with Silvergate Bank. Christian Weissmann and his team, have been so helpful to us by finding ways to reduce fees and conduct our business more efficiently. At first we thought it would be difficult working with a retail group that was 45 mins away from our office, but with their great customer service and their attention to detail have made our transition simple and easy. The Silvergate team has been so diligent in confirming wires and large check transactions, that it has made us feel safe and sound in banking with Silvergate Bank.
Jerry Bryan
I happily spread the word about how thrilled I am with Silvergate Bank. My banker and I are a team and I know the bank will continue to grow with me and my business.
Dr. Sara Gilman and Jeremy Larsen
Coherence Associates, Inc. is a growing business with 7 employees. We are mental health professionals who are committed and passionate about helping others heal and grow. Wearing many hats as CEO and Clinical Director, I needed to find a banking system that worked for me and with me. One I could reach out to directly when our expanding business needed something. Silvergate Bank has been the perfect fit of professionalism, personal customer service and efficiency. They took time to learn about our company, guided us to set things up in the most efficient way possible, and have continued to be there over the years. We don't feel like an anonymous company calling 1-800-stranger, rather we are part of the SGB family of businesses and are treated with respect and care. As we have grown, SGB has been an integral part of our success. Thank you to all the SGB team who are also committed and passionate about helping others!
Russ Stover
Home AV TV & Design in Carlsbad banks with Silvergate because we get awesome customer service, a bank that can keep up with with our 50% growth rate, and the highest level of security with our transactions!
Blake Borowski
I recently moved away from a large national bank because their service was so terrible. Through extensive research, I decided to move our accounts to Silvergate Bank. They are very unique, because they actually understand the PM business. Do yourself a favor and meet with Ashley(Lopez) to see if she can help your business. Their customer service has been amazing (so far)!
Josie Hughes
The Silvergate team is responsive, patient professionals on call for any of our banking needs. They have become one of our trusted business partners.
Eric L. White
I have greatly enjoyed working with the Silvergate Bank team. Their deep knowledge of highly regulated industries makes them very practical and bottom-line oriented. I have only experienced open lines of communications and swift execution working with the Silvergate Bank team.
Dana Kerrigan
Silvergate Bank is valuable partner in the continued growth of our business.
Jo Marie Diamond
Silvergate Bank has shown much dedication and commitment to one of East County EDC’s major initiatives, the Advanced Manufacturing Workforce portfolio, and its signature event, the Manufacturing Expo and Resource Fair. Other banks write checks but you (Silvergate Bank) have rolled up your sleeves to provide the high-touch outreach and follow-up that manufacturers require. No check can compete with that kind of commitment to the community.
Nikki Baumgartner
A fellow small business owner referred me to Silvergate Bank when I was looking to move away from a large retail bank for my business banking needs. I was looking for personalized service and a staff that was able offer me tools and resources to grow my business. I know that if I walk into the branch, email, or call I am going to get someone who is there to help me with whatever request I have that day.
Tarek Aly, BDS, MBA, CVA
Having dealt with many financial institutions and obtaining many loans in the past, we haven't had a better experience than what we have with Evan Barker and SilverGate Bank. They have great terms, deliver what they promise, and get things done in a timely fashion. I highly recommend SilverGate for medium size DSOs.
Alan G. Michels, DDS
Over the years I have bought and sold many dental practices. During that time I've obviously worked with several different banks. Most recently I've been working with Silvergate Bank. I've found them to be knowledgeable about dental practices and understanding of a doctors needs. They are not just "number pushers". I highly recommend them.
Silvergate provides us with "big bank" capabilities coupled with a "community bank" personal and individualized touch. Our Silvergate team took the time to really understand our business and crafted a financial solution tailored to federal contracting financial requirements, as well as our specific goals. Because of this, they are able to anticipate and respond quickly to time-sensitive financial needs. Each member of our Silvergate team is invested in us and wants us to succeed. They reach out on a regular basis to see how we are doing and are always available for advice. We highly recommend Silvergate to any business owner looking for a bank that actively wants to (and does!) support and assist your success. We also specifically recommend Silvergate to the defense contracting community based on Silvergate's deep understanding of the financial rules and regulations of our industry.
Lisa Rodman
Friendly, personable and efficient Silvergate Bank is our #1 bank . If we have a banking question or a need for a community partner they are the first to step up to the plate. Their commitment to personalized customer service is beyond reproach!
Jimbo Someck
As someone who recognizes the importance of customer service, I truly appreciate the level to which Silvergate has gone to make sure our needs are satisfied.
Bobbi Pearson
They are head and shoulders above other banks with whom I have dealt.
Alex Zikakis
Silvergate Bank understands our business and their professionals are experts in our industry.
Nelson Algaze
Silvergate Bank is a pleasure to work with. From the beginning, our bankers have taken the time to understand our business and its goals. The team has worked with us to secure the financial products we need to continue growing our firm. After two years of banking with Silvergate, we know we have a trusted partner and we aren’t just an account number; we are a valued customer.
Alan X Reay
My professional bankers at Silvergate are always a pleasure. I appreciate their 'get it done' attitude which prevails weekdays and weekends!
Denny Clark
The entire Silvergate Bank team bends over backwards to make the banking experience easy—from coming to our offices to pick up papers and deposits, notarize documents, and more.

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