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1. Act Like an Owner

We act like owners by:

  • Always seeking opportunities for improvement
  • Pursuing long-term results
  • Being risk-sensitive and accountable for our actions
  • Supporting and investing in our communities

2. Teamwork

Silvergate promotes teamwork, positive working relationships and a culture of cooperation by:

  • Being respectful and accessible to each other and our customers
  • Taking collective responsibility for our decisions
  • Recognizing and celebrating individual and collective successes
  • Partnering with our communities

3. Integrity

Silvergate employees adhere to the highest ethical standards and:

  • Are honest, humble, disciplined, and share openly
  • Our actions and words are consistent with our intentions

4. Superior Service

We provide superior service, internally and externally, in every interaction, by:

  • Doing more than is expected
  • Treating our customers and coworkers as we would like to be treated
  • Responding with urgency and expediency

5. Innovative

Silvergate Bank is innovative and we:

  • Are intellectually curious
  • Embrace and accept change
  • Are not afraid to seek unconventional opportunities

6. Work Hard/Have Fun

We believe in balancing our hard work and team-building fun. The Silvergate team is able to do this because we:

  • Are passionate
  • Use humor to keep the balance of business and fun in perspective
  • Engage with our communities